Guide to collaborating on and adding information to a Google map

  1. You will need a member of the workgroup to email you access to access a shared map. This requires a Google/gmail account, which can be easily created. If you want make your own version of the map, go to the 'copy' instruction of this guide and use it to import the information to a blank map.

  2. Go to Google maps and sign in using your Google account.

  3. Type in the desired location you wish to add.

  4. You may need to click through the 'search results' to get the desired location. If the location cannot be found, try using street names or addresses. When the location is selected on the map you will get the option to save it to your Google account maps. Choose the map you wish to add the location to and continue.

  5. With the location you just added (as well as selected older locations) you may add a description. The marker can be adjusted to a multitude of location-descriptive markers. The selected marker may also be deleted.

  6. If the option to allow collaborators to add more collaborators, you may click the collaborate button to invite more people with Google accounts to join the group.

  7. To copy the map, simply append '&output=kml' to the end of the url in the main window. Your browser should be handed a kml document, which you can then save onto a local directory and/or readily import onto another map.