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Mar 21, 2007

Second Place at Silicon Valley!

Our Alliance Picture!
A huge thanks to alliance partners Athenian Robotics (852) and Franklin High School (488), we really took it to em!
The Silicon Valley regional was exciting and worthwhile, even though we were beaten in the last elimination round. We were the #1 seeded team for most of Friday, but by the choosing we had moved to number 8th. However, our alliance perservered until we were finally beaten in the last round.
Mar 9, 2007

We are going to Silicon Valley!

Invitation Picture
Feb 21, 2007

Robot is done

Picture of '07 robot
The robot has been shipped, and as of the last build day all systems are functioning but for the ramp and the wrist. The robot, dubbed "mabear," was a complex and gratifying build, and it will not fail to impress at competition. This date also marks the launch of the Robots Page, dedicated to chronicling past Menlo-Atherton Robotics designs and accomplishments.
Jan 6, 2007


Today marked the 2007 F.I.R.S.T. kickoff. Team members attended a joint kickoff session with Woodside High School (100) and Sacred Heart (2166). The game involves innertubes being placed on 24 prongs sticking out of a cylinder in the center of the field. Like, the 2005 game, more points are scored if the tubes are in long rows or columns, and bonus points may be scored for having the robot high on the ramp at the end of the match. This year is more interesting because there are now classes of robots- sacrificing height for weight or vice versa and plenty of opportunities to turn games around. The joint kickoff was followed by presentations of robot designs, and the abundance of ideas made it clear that while the season is just beginning we will not have the design troubles of last year's robot.

We look forward to seeing you all at the regionals.
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