'07 Robot
'06 Robot
'05 Robot
'04 Robot
'03 Robot
'02 Robot

2007 Robot

Name(s): mabear,"Dave"
Status: Competing.

The 2007 Robot Picture

2006 Robot

Status: Operational
This robot has undergone 3 major stages in its development.

Initial Design: Regionals

'06 Robot Initial Design
The shooter, located in the middle of the robot, was easily blocked and inaccurate. The tongue and agitator were ineffective at controlling balls and they would often become stuck. However, the Robot's powerful drivetrain, good manuvering and solid frame made it effective at defence.

Improved Design: Nationals

'06 Robot Final Design
Much improved, but because it lacked a shooter it was left out of the running at Nationals.

Finalized Design: Cal Games

'06 Robot Final Design
Performed well at Cal games, all aspects of the robot work as expected.

2005 Robot

Name: Zippy
Status: Operational.

The 2005 robot picture
Performed amazingly well, simple and powerful design was effective even on defense, and would routinely cap 6-7 goals a match.

2004 Robot

Name: Mecha King Gidora
Status: Disassembled.

The 2004 Robot Picture
The strong steel frame proved too heavy, the casters made the robot weak in pushing matches, the motor moving the hoops was geared too slowly, and the extruded aluminum was troublesome. The hoops worked, but the lack if frame strength, drivetrain strength, and speed were disadvantageous.

2003 Robot

Name: Zippy
Status: Disassembled.

The 2003 robot picture
A simple robot which did not do exceptionally well. It was too short for the game and the lack of manuverability and weak frame hindered it.

2002 Robot

Name: Metalliclaw
Status: Disassembled.