Pointed Prose Press
MA Robotics (backup)
Etz Chayim
Word of Mouth
Stanford GSB

Oliver Goldberg-Seder

User-Interface/User-Experience development and software engineering

Skills Summary

Hands-on experience in all facets of computer hardware, software, configuration and repair. Expert in HTML, Javascript (jQuery), and CSS. Programming expertise in Powershell, PHP, Perl, C++, C, Java, groovy, Struts MVC, Spring MVC, Grails MVC, Android, AJAX, SEO + microdata. Proficient with Eclipse, Springsource Tool Suite, Inno Setup (delphi), Salesforce SOAP API, Microsoft Office Suite, Windows operating system including WMI, Windows 7, and Adobe products. Experience with git, mercurial, subversion, MySQL, postgres, hibernate.


University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 2010

Awarded Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Dean’s Honors List.

Academic emphasis on data structures, algorithm design techniques, and programming.

Software Engineering and Web Development Work Experience

Intransa Inc/Viakoo Inc, Cupertino/Mountain View, CA 2011-2014

Intransa sold video monitoring servers. I created a webserver tool to monitor the health of systems remotely by collecting, displaying, and transmitting data. Intransa reorganized in 2013 as Viakoo. Achievements included:

Word Of Mouth, Palo Alto, CA ( 2010-Present

Word of mouth provides branded webspace to businesses. Offers a review/rating system to consumers and a controlled web space for professionals. Achievements:

Etz Chayim, Palo Alto, CA ( 2010-2011

ArtyChokers, Burlingame, CA ( 2009-2010

Pointed Prose Press, New York, NY ( 2008